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          English Teacher

          2018-06-10 15:06:17  深圳教师招聘网  阅读::次  我要留言( )  收藏简历
          姓     名 范梦 专     业 英语
          学     历 本科 性     别
          毕业院校 湘潭大学 年     龄 27
          政治面貌 中共党员 现居住地 深圳南山
          工作年限 3-5年 职  称
          求职意向 初中,高中英语老师 兴趣或特长 英语听说读写译;英语演讲

          &#61548; 语言类:2013年9月获得剑桥商务英语高级证书,获得英语专业八级,专业四级、CET4及CET6等。

          &#61548; 奖学金类:2012-2013年度乙等奖学金,2011-2012年度甲等奖学金,2010-2011年度乙等奖学金。

          &#61548; 学生干部类:2011年优秀团员,2010-2011年度优秀学生干部,2011-2012年度三好学生,2014年获得湘潭大学2014届校级优秀毕业生的称号。

          &#61548; 活动类:2017年9月在Toastmasters秋季幽默演讲比赛中荣获英文幽默演讲冠军;2018年4月在Toastmasters 国际演讲比赛中荣获S2小区英文演讲冠军;


          2010.09-2014.06 湘潭大学 英语 本科


          2015.8-Present Lenovo Company Global Supply Chain Operation Analyst

          Data analysis: Utilize big data analysis tools including SQL, BI, Qlik, Excel, Hyperion to analyze global supply chain operational status; Publish regular KPI reports to executives and function teams.

          Supply Chain Optimization: Set up supply chain multi KPI trackers based on business; Deep dive KPI performance, identify supply chain existing pain points or potential issues, and proactively work with worldwide cross-function teams to make improvement action plans, so as to optimize global supply chain operation.

          Auto Reports Design: Develop and design user friendly and digital analysis reports from BI, Qlik etc.
          Coordinator: Closely interface with BT/IT engineers to solve system related issues, so as to enhance data accuracy.

          Advance projects: Involved in IPS (Intelligent Planning System) and SCI (Supply Chain integration) projects, provide data supporting, business guidance and format design advice.

          Serviceability: Deep dive customers’ experience with Lenovo products, interlock with R&D department/Quality team/Logistics to enhance customer satisfaction.

          2014.7-2015.6 TP-LINK Technology Technical Support

          Company introduction: TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices. TP-Link has been the world's number one provider of Wi-Fi products, supplying distribution to more than 120 countries and serving hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

          Technical Support: Provide online and offline technical support to global users on network connecting, bandwidth speed, firmware upgrade; Guide customers on Wi-Fi products’ usage.

          Customer Experience Enhancement: Listen to customers’ voices; Summarize all the issues encountered, figure out the root cause; Feedback on Bugs, user guide designs and products optimization advice from customers.

          &amp;#61548;        语言能力:英语专业八级,4年纯英文工作环境,善于公众演讲,多次荣获Toastmasters英文演讲冠军。 &amp;#61548;        工作背景:湘潭大学2014届校级优秀毕业生,4年世界500强企业全英文工作环境,热爱英语。 &amp;#61548;        转行原因: 自己的性格比较适合教师职业,喜欢孩子,想要终生从事教师行业。希望能有机会。

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